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Adding XMLocalizator to a project

In each case instructions end in the moment when it's possible to access XMLocalizator namespace.

Microsoft Visual Studio 2010

In the Solution Explorer, find the References folder, right-click on it, and select Add reference.


In the window with references, click on the Browse button and find the XMLocalizator.dll file.


Then click Add and as a result you'll see the XMLocalizator on the list in the Extensions group.



Finally, XMLocalizator should figure in the Solution Explorer with other references.


Microsoft Visual C# Compiler (csc.exe)

Assuming that ...
  • Application is the single Program.cs file
  • XMLocalizator.dll is in the same directory as Program.cs
  • We are using the Windows console with predefined path to csc.exe, such as Visual Studio Command Prompt.
... to compile the project, type:

csc.exe Program.cs \r:XMLocalizator.dll


The operation is very similar to that in Visual Studio. First, locate Solution Explorer, then the References folder, right-click on it, and then on Edit References....


Choose .NET Assembly tab, browse for the XMLocalizator.dll file. Then click Add and Ok:


The XMLocalizator.dll should be now on the list:


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