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Briefly about XMLocalizator

XMLocalizator is a small, smooth and extremely easy to use library that enables quick and on-the-fly language localization of any .NET application. It relies on the XML files, so there is no need to recompile the project to add a new language or to modify the existing one.

Main points

  • The only thing you need to add to your project is the reference to the single XMLocalizator.dll file, which is a .NET 3.5 class library. (go to the download section)
  • The documentation includes everything you need to know about deployment and usage of XMLocalizator. (read the documentation)
  • You can also watch a 5 minutes tutorial video, which shows the work with XMLocalizator. (watch the video)
  • In fact, XMLocalizator is independent from the GUI technology. It runs with Windows Forms, Windows Presentation Foundation, Silverlight, GTK# and even- if you're ready to forget about the on-the-fly aspect- with Console Applications.
  • All you need to do is to implement the special design pattern, but don't be scared - it's very light, logical and doesn't interfere with your existing code very much. (read about the design pattern)
  • The assembly is 100% compatible with Mono.
  • XMLocalizator is under The MIT Licence, so you can feel free to use it in every project, no matter whether it's open source or not, commercial or not, etc. (read the licence)
    • I will appreciate if you mail me with information that you like my work so much that you're using it. (go to the contact page)

Usage scenarios

  • If you would like to make your application multilingual.
  • If you are planning to add a few languages to your application, but don't want to recompile the whole project every time you do it. With XMLocalizator, you will need only to distribute just some extra XML files to the end users.
  • If your application contains very large amount of text that you know it will be changed gazillion times before the final release. Again- lack of the obligatory recompilation is an advantage.

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